Volunteering at Tregothnan

Volunteering at Tregothnan has created opportunities over many years for many people.

Skills and experience are welcome but most of all enthusiasm. Successful volunteering is ongoing in the jungle garden, river tea gardens and orchards.  Why not join John and Mike on a Tuesday taster day in the Jungle garden and one of the tea gardens? No prior experience is necessary. Email tea@tregothnan.co.uk and let us know if you are interested. Mary’s pasties are served for lunch so please advise any dietary requirements if you wish to join.

Looking after the bluebells at Tregothnan is an enormous task. The waterside meadows are enjoyed by thousands of nature lovers every year and are a highlight of spring in Cornwall. Carpets of primroses give way to bluebells and a profusion of wildflowers, including orchids. These glorious and natural looking orchards are the result of centuries of careful stewardship as part of the managed landscape. Join Gill to work in the wildflower meadows surrounding the ancient orchard trees. Avoiding trampling bluebells while removing brambles is harder that it sounds!

If you have a passion for maintaining hedges, quays or other features of the managed environment then get in touch.

More specialist opportunities may include assisting Martin with beekeeping duties, this will require prior experience such as from our beekeeping courses.