Tea Growers Guide

1 Day Experience

This masterclass is a unique and fascinating look into the exciting process of tea cultivation, not to be missed!

We’ll take you on a virtual tour of the finest tea gardens in the world, culminating with the first ever tea to be grown in the UK.

Attend in person or allow us to deliver the tea and tasting equipment to you at home and we will immerse you and your guests in a wonderful tea experience.

We’ll take an in-depth look into the methods of tea – growing; such as land cultivation, sowing, irrigation, pruning and harvesting. We’ll be taking an extensive look into the Camellia sinensis plant, discovering why it thrives in the micro-climate of this unique location.

You’ll also learn more about the tea leaf itself, discovering the difference in taste between adult and young tea leaves, (there is a big difference in taste!). We’ll also discuss the all-important tea plucking and creating the all-important ‘plucking table’. We will discuss the best times of the season to reap the most benefits of the plant.

This masterclass is sure to appeal to horticulturists, botanists, tea connoisseurs and those with a passion and knowledge about the heritage of fresh produce.

The day will include a delicious lunch of local seasonal delicacies and will conclude with a Tregothnan cream tea. There will also be a forum and tea cultivation certificates will be awarded. Attendees will then have a chance to purchase teas and other estate produce from our shop.

We reserve the right to place guests in the most appropriate sessions according to interests and group size. On rare occasions course dates may be changed if circumstances change or if dates become oversubscribed. We welcome any information you may offer regarding your interests and any specific areas you would like to explore.