Tea Gifts

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Choose from our delicious range of British homegrown tea gifts and personalised tea giftsets, unique River Garden Tours and much more!

Tea Gift Sets

Tregothnan is the perfect place to shop for quintessential British tea gift sets from our unique Cornish estate.

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Discover The Tea Grown In England

We are proud to be the first-ever English tea company to have created a range of black tea, green tea and herbal infusions homegrown on British soil. We blend our Cornish tea leaves with the finest leaves from Assam and Darjeeling to create our range of distinctive flavours.

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Tea Bushes

For any keen tea lover, here is the opportunity to grow your own tea at home. Tea is made from the dried, processed leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis bush and we are pleased to share with you the same plants we have bred to grow tea in Europe’s largest and most diverse tea gardens, in Cornwall.

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Manuka Plants

Tregothnan’s baby Manuka plant is approximately 1-2 years old and comes complete with care notes. With the correct conditions Manuka will grow into a tall, thick hedgerow style shrub, which will be well received by the bees in your garden!

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Designed for Tregothnan, our teaware range is the very best for tea connoisseurs.

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These stylish hampers are elegant wicker baskets bursting with our truly English teas, honey’s, jam, buttery shortbread biscuits, Manuka products, our fine bone china and much more.

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