14TH AUGUST 2017

New luxury British tea stockist in Aix-les-Bains, France

We are delighted to announce that word of Tregothnan’s luxury British tea has reached the magnificent depths of the mountainous French Alps! We have a brand [ … ]


Spicy Chicken | Tregothnan Charcoal Recipe

    Spicy Chicken | Tregothnan Charcoal Recipe   To buy our charcoal click here    Ingredients: 500g Chicken Wings and Drumsticks 100 ml Yogurt [ … ]


New stockist in The Netherlands

We are delighted to welcome a lovely new Tregothnan stockist, Boon en Blad, in The Netherlands. WARNING: Don’t read any more of this news article [ … ]


Cornish Clam Bake | Charcoal Recipe

  Cornish Clam Bake   To buy our Tregothnan charcoal click here To buy our Tregothnan Manuka wood chips click here To buy our Tregothnan [ … ]


Tea podcast on the history and science of our nation’s favourite drink – now live!

Our tea podcast is now live! In June, we had the pleasure of welcoming influential journalists, Nicky Twilley and Cynthia Graber, of award-winning podcast Gastropod – [ … ]

31ST JULY 2017

Tregothnan Dirty Steak Charcoal Recipe

Dirty Steak & Sweet Potato, Cooked On Tregothnan Charcoal The best way to infuse your steak with the smokey tones of truly British charcoal is [ … ]

28TH JULY 2017

A Michelin star review from a Michelin star chef.

  A Michelin star review from a Michelin star chef. “I’m sorry but I would have that any day over a cup of coffee, that [ … ]

24TH JULY 2017

A British tea garden in the middle of The Mall? That sounds like our cup of tea…

At the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, we’re used to creating a ‘stir’ with world firsts. This time, we’re taking our pioneering British tea gardens right into [ … ]

13TH JULY 2017

Poldark: A grand Tregothnan ball

Many of you may have tuned into  popular TV series Poldark on Sunday night and, for those of you that did, you may have heard a familiar [ … ]

7TH JULY 2017

A Cornish Proposal (or four)

A Cornish proposal couldn’t be easier. With Cornwall’s beautiful dramatic landscape, with sweeping coastlines and hidden beaches, it goes without saying that it is one of [ … ]

26TH JUNE 2017

Paddington Iced Tea Cocktail

  Paddington   Tregothnan’s Paddington Iced Tea Alcoholic Marmalade Cocktail   A cocktail to make Paddington Bear proud! In honour of this iconic British bear [ … ]

22ND JUNE 2017

G & Tea Recipe

  G & Tea   Tregothnan’s G & Tea Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe Guide   Who doesn’t love a G & T? Why not add [ … ]


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