A rustic loaf of home made bread backed by Ikke Bare Brød bakery

New stockist in Norway

We warmly welcome a new international stockist – Ikke Bare Brød. Ikke Bare Brød is a stylish organic bakery located in the town of Porsgrunn on the East Coast of Norway. Nestled in a beautiful, historic, wooden building alongside other local businesses including an architect, ceramist and photographer.

Ikke Bare Brød front door opened in 2012 inspired by Siv Svolsbru’s passion for baking


Ikke Bare Brød opened in 2012 inspired by Siv Svolsbru’s passion for baking proper bread without any compromise and using only the finest ingredients and heritage grains.

‘’In my business plan, I wrote that I will prove that it is possible to run a good business with my feet on the ground and my heart in the right place.’’

Ikke Bare Brød, translates as ‘not just bread’ and true to name Siv’s passions extend to more than just bread. The shop itself contains a wide variety of produce selected personally by Siv – all of which are fond favourites of hers.

Tregothnan tea takes a special place in the shop as Siv has been bringing our tea home with her for 10 years from when her daughter attended university here in Cornwall. She became engrossed with the story of Tregothnan and has been a fan ever since.

Ikke Bare Brød opened in 2012 inspired by Siv Svolsbru’s passion for baking


“The Classic has always been my favourite, but i also love the Earl Grey, and the green tea and the Peppermint tea is just amazing. I am so pleased to be able to sell this tea, and to tell the story about Tregothnan.”

Alongside selling these carefully selected products this bakery offers baking courses to give visitors the chance to learn how to bake a range of breads. Visitors can learn the techniques and inspiration behind these beautiful breads and also create their own scones – the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Tregothnan tea.

If you’re planning a trip to Porsgrunn, Norway, make sure you pay this beautiful bakery a visit and try your hand at sculpting scones while indulging in a cup of the tea grown in England!

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