New luxury British tea stockist in Aix-les-Bains, France

New luxury British tea stockist in Aix-les-Bains, France

We are delighted to announce that word of Tregothnan’s luxury British tea has reached the magnificent depths of the mountainous French Alps! We have a brand new stockist in Aix-les-Bains in France’s Savoie region. Comptoir Le T, or The T Bar, is a thriving luxury tea boutique in this spectacularly beautiful part of the world and is a culmination of a sommelier’s love for the world of tea. Click here for their website

We were contacted by Comptoir Le T’s manager, Dominique Loccisano, who had heard of Tregothnan’s unique luxury British tea plantations and wanted serve our Afternoon Tea to her customers. Dominique’s ethos is one of introducing tea lovers to the incredibly rich variety of teas grown from all over the world. So Dominique therefore had to include a truly luxury British tea Afternoon blend into her repertoire. And this week 14th – 21st August marks the start of #AfternoonTeaWeek, so if you’re on holiday in France’s Savoie region and were hoping to sample a luxury British tea to celebrate, then pop over to Aix-les-Bains to visit M. Loccisano.

Comptoir Le T is a magical gem in which to discover a world of scents, aromas, cultures around tea. Dominique has hand-selected a large range of teas – all with a guarantee of the quality which comes from artisan growers and the love of creating a perfect brew. Tregothnan’s Afternoon Tea is a delicate blend of our homegrown leaves and the finest Darjeeling. Our micro-climate on the banks of the river Fal in Truro is an absolute reflection of India’s ‘Champagne of teas’ region – with lots of humidity, rain and warm weather!

Sampling luxury tea is a great excuse to head into the French Alps (as if we needed persuading!) and stop off at Comptoir Le T for a cuppa, but if you don’t get to travel that far, you can still order from our website.

Click here for our Afternoon Tea range.