National Tea Day – 1 Week To Go!


It’s pretty much our favourite time of the year here at Tregothnan. The garden is looking spectacular with more and more species in bloom every day, the days are getting longer (and warmer – mostly) and it’s almost time for National Tea Day!

National Tea Day is almost like a second birthday for us and is celebrated in the UK, US and many other countries on the 21st April. This year that makes it next Wednesday.

To celebrate we have created the perfect tasting selection of black, herbal and cold cure teas. Our National Tea Day Selection Pouch contains 8 varieties of some of our favourite teas and some new exciting flavours. Click here to get your pouch today.

We are also excited to launch some new packaging for one of our core ranges over the next couple of weeks (that we are very excited about), bringing some new lines into our website and encouraging you to join us for some live guided tea tasting!

Fingers crossed, the weather will play along (but this is Cornwall in the spring – so who knows) and we can guide you through some of our favourite teas from the stunning tea gardens here at Tregothnan.

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To make sure you have the right selection of teas to enjoy alongside us on the tea tasting, find our specially curated tasting selection ready to purchase here.

We look forward to sharing the most English tea in history with you next week…



The Tea Grown in England