Tregothnans Floral Manuka Honey with a Hand Tied Bow

Manuka Honey making waves across the globe

We welcomed the American radio news show, MARKETPLACE and its roving reporter, Stephen Beard, to the estate to talk Manuka. Manuka bushes have been grown in the estates botanical garden since 1880 and took on a pivotal role in protecting our young tea plantation when it was first developed in 1999.

Our Manuka honey production is unique in the northern hemisphere and sells for £225 for a limited production 1lb jar. It is highly regarded for its anti-bacterial qualities as well as its wider health benefits.

However, this recent media caused a stir in New Zealand, where they are keen to make sure the ancient Maori word ‘Manuka’ and the associated high-quality honey is not degraded by people selling cheaper imitation products. We were subsequently visited by the Unique Manuka Factor Association’s, John Rawcliffe, who wanted to look at how we grow the Leptospermum (Manuka) plant, how we create our Honey and message behind it.

It was a really useful visit with many more to follow. To shop for our Manuka Honey, please click here.


Tregothnans Floral Manuka Honey with a Hand Tied Bow