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Healthy Tea with Benefits

Could healthy tea be a great reason not to feel miserable about January? In January the sparkle and frivolity of Christmas fades into the distant past and everyone sneezes and coughs through their January days, but perhaps the health benefits of tea could change your mind – and your mood – to help push us through to spring?

We understand the restorative power of a great cup of tea – putting your feet up to enjoy the comforting warmth of your favourite brew. But alongside this ceremonially British way to cheer ourselves up, there are other health benefits of tea that will be important to bear in mind when choosing your cuppa. In this article we outline the health benefits of green tea and black tea, the health benefits of peppermint tea and discuss which Tregothnan tea is indeed the ‘healthiest of all’.

True tea (black, green or white teas – any tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant) contains antioxidants, a great health benefit of tea, but the levels will vary according to how the plant is processed. Director of Health and Nutrition at Unilever North America, Douglas Balentine, believes that the concentration of antioxidants is greater in white tea, followed by green tea, then black tea, suggesting that the less a leaf is processed, the more antioxidants the leaf will retain.

At Tregothnan we use traditional hand-rolling techniques to get the best out of every fresh leaf processed, with a bush to cup process of 3 days. This suggests that our teas may be among teas with the highest concentration of antioxidants on the market.

But ‘healthy tea’ doesn’t stop there. Other suggested health benefits of tea can include:

  • Good levels of hydration
  • Tea phytonutrients to promote normal blood vessel function
  • Zero calories to help manage body weight

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Green Loose Leaf Tea Caddy 14 Individual Servings

Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Tregothnan’s super charged peppermint tea is not only homegrown, refreshing, delicious and cleansing, but packed full of benefits to aid a healthy tea lifestyle.

  • A caffeine-free alternative to black and green tea
  • Peppermint aids digestion – perfect as an after dinner drink
  • May help to treat stomach ailments like IBS or reduce inflammation
  • Hydrating – a flavour-packed alternative to water. Can be cold-brewed for even greater thirst quenching benefits.
  • Naturally sweet – a great alternative to sugary, high-calorie drinks.
  • May help to soothe respiratory disorders like colds, flus and coughs

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Peppermint Loose Tea Caddy 14 Individual Servings


Health Benefits of Manuka Tea

Tregothnan’s signature Manuka Tea is a perfect addition to your daily healthy lifestyle routine, giving you an unrivalled list of health benefits due to the antibacterial nature of the Manuka, or Leptospermum scoparium, plant. Tregothnan is the only place outside New Zealand to grow the Manuka plant, an ingredient which epitomises the idea of a healthy tea.

According to, Manuka can help with the following potential health issues:

  • Aid wound healing and cure infections
  • Promote oral health
  • Soothe a sore throat
  • Help to prevent gastric ulcers
  • Improve digestive symptons
  • Help to treat acne

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Manuka Loose Leaf Tea Caddy 14 Individual Servings


Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Our English Chamomile was featured on the BBC’s One Show during the end of summer harvest in 2018. The heat of the summer created a bumper harvest which was super sweet with a natural apple flavor. The Chamomile plant is a great example of a healthy tea with added benefits:

  • Caffeine free – herbal alternative to black and green tea
  • Aids relaxation – chamomile is reported to soothe the nervous system and promote better sleep.
  • Immune booster – chamomile has a reputation for healing
  • Naturally sweet – the golden brew has virtually no calories but tastes as sweet as the summer.

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Chamomile Loose Tea Caddy 14 Individual Servings


All of the teas we make at Tregothnan are packed full of benefits and can become part of a healthier lifestyle. Every tea has is bursting with flavour and aroma, made with the most carefully produced ingredients and homegrown wherever possible. Every tea is naturally sweet and zero calories so can be used as part of a balanced diet and good exercise routine, by swapping sugary drinks for healthy tea from Tregothnan.




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