A First for British Charcoal in Smoke-Free Zones

For the first time ever, Tregothnan’s British charcoal has been awarded a smoke-free certification from DEFRA. Tregothnan’s high grade charcoal has been through rigorous testing by DEFRA, the government’s environmental, food and rural affairs department. The largest producer of charcoal in the UK, Tregothnan has been awarded this momentous accolade because of the exacting process Tregothnan have pioneered to produce their superior charcoal. Now you can enjoy a British summer barbecue almost anywhere so shop here now for your grab bag of Tregothnan British charcoal.

Tregothnan's British charcoal burning a luminous orange


Tregothnan British charcoal is made from sustainable, coppice managed woodlands in Kent. The felled trees are seasoned (stacked for drying) for up to three years before being fired in the huge steel retorts. The seasoning process creates ultra-light charcoal because so much of the moisture has already been removed before burning.

A Stack of Tregothnan Logs before Being turned into Charcoal


What does this mean?

A DEFRA certification for burning in smoke free zones means that Tregothnan British charcoal is an authorised fuel in accordance with the Clean Air Act of 1993.

Tregothnan MD, Jonathon Jones, commented:

“This certification is a great example of the quality of produce in Britain. We no longer have to rely on imported charcoal. We have worked for more than three years to be accredited by DEFRA. It never felt right to be importing charcoal from fuel-poor countries. The UK could easily be self-sufficient in charcoal and this would also benefit sustainable woodland management.”

What else makes Tregothnan charcoal unique?

  • Tregothnan charcoal is produced entirely in the UK from British woodland in Kent, so has zero air miles.
  • The high-grade charcoal lights quickly and easily and is ready to cook within 15 minutes.
  • Economical – less charcoal is needed for a substantial heat.

Premium ‘Single Species’ charcoal

Tregothnan has also created ‘single species’ charcoal – the first-ever batch will use silver birch. The Single Species charcoal will add a new dimension to live fire cookery bringing the individual flavours of the woods to food.

New bag design

The new charcoal bags have just arrived at the Tregothnan woodyard. The smart and contemporary styling is a reflection of Tregothnan’s luxury, British brand. Buy the brand new Tregothnan charcoal bags here in three different bag sizes. Grab and go with the small, convenient grab bag size. Just light the whole bag for an easy barbecue on the go. Or buy the family and large bags to make the most of the summer holidays.

Tregothnans British Sustainable Charcoal Grab Bag


Simple and easy to light simply place the Tregothnan charcoal on a bed of newspaper twists and light with a match.



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