The deer at Fault photographed by one of our garden Team

Camellia Maze redesigned by landscaping deer

Our world record-breaking Camellia maze has been given a facelift this month by the local deer inhabiting the Tregothnan deer park. These creative mammals have reportedly rerouted the puzzling pathway for the maze’s visitors, by munching through the Camellia hedgerows which make up the walls of the maze.

The Tregothnan garden team have been busily preparing every inch of the botanical garden for the UK’s largest charity garden open weekend on 22nd and 23rd April including the precision pruning of the world’s largest Camellia maze. Tregothnan’s Head Gardener, Neil Bennett, is less than impressed with the remodelling of the maze. “We know that the Camellia bushes which create the walls of the maze are the deer’s idea of a delicious treat, but we just wish they would learn the way out, instead of creating a new one.”

With so much work still to do to prepare for the charity open weekend of Cornwall’s most exquisite botanic garden, it could be that our thousands of visitors to the Tregothnan Camellia maze over the weekend will be getting lost in a maze designed by hungry deer with a penchant for puzzles.