Brexit Brew

In January 2020 a one-off tea tin to recognise Brexit was released. The small tea blend sold out to mainly European customers who appreciated the context and self-deprecating humour. The Brexit Brew was certainly not a celebratory tea, rather  ‘making things better however you feel’.

Tea is famously non-political and the most widely consumed drink on the planet. Tregothnan pioneered the first tea grown in the UK and proved it’s unique microclimate to be among the best in the world for tea. Creating the most British tea in history is celebrated as a national success and a particular triumph for Cornwall, the HQ for Tregothnan.

Tregothnan tea growers are very careful to supply tea without prejudice to drinkers across the world and are proud to be a Cornish export success.

Hopefully everyone can put the kettle on together sometime and have a cup of 100% Cornish grown tea or one of the many great blends.