Tregothnans New Caddy Box Inner containing individually foiled sachets

Brand new boxes are out now! | Earl Grey Tea Gift

The gorgeous new packs are one click away and in selected retailers. Try the stylish and naturally invigorating Earl Grey Tea, the famous Classic Tea, soothing Chamomile Tea and punchy Peppermint Tea. The new luxurious boxes make great gifts for tea conoisseurs, offering a brand new way of serving tea at home. Pictured below is the Earl Grey tea gift box, beautifully illustrated with the citrus bergamia plant – the signature ingredient in a satisfying cup of Earl Grey Tea.

The Tregothnan range get a new look with brand new packaging staring with the Early Grey Tea Caddy


The new loose leaf caddies contain 14 individual servings of loose leaves, meticulously measured for the perfect strength brew, hot or iced. These pre measured loose leaf servings are thought to be a world first and keep the tea fresh and reduce waste, especially when travelling. The individual pouches are easy to use, just open your pouch and pour into your infuser basket – no need for measuring spoons or scoops. We give recommended brewing times and temperatures on each box. If you’re looking for a Earl Grey tea gift for the tea lover in your life, this new product is a perfect match, offering style and ease of serve.

Tregothnans New Caddy Box Inner containing individually foiled sachets


Meanwhile, the new teabag sachet boxes contains 15 of your favourite cups, all beautifully packaged in our smart new look.  The larger, angular box has a better shelf presence and elegant, contemporary styling and have a locking hinged lid mechanism. The foil-wrapped sachets make sure every cup is as fresh as the first and the new packaging is now available for Earl Grey Tea, Classic Tea, Peppermint Tea and Chamomile Tea. These lines will run alongside our existing packaging and will be expanding across the whole range over the next year. Click here to shop for the product now.

The new teabag sachet box contains 15 cups all packaged in our smart new look




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