9 Ladies Dancing

And on the 9th day, we give you The Tregothnan Trumpet. This delightfully fruity cocktail is perfect for a New Years eve party. Containing our vibrant Red Berry Tea, a complex blend of strawberries and raspberries from our Kent estate, apples from our Cornish orchards, English marigolds and pretty blue cornflowers. This tea has the perfect balance of fruity and floral flavouring, making it the perfect tea for this cocktail.

Flavour notes

Berry, floral, Zingy


  1. 50ml of Pimm’s
  2. 150ml Sparkling Wine
  3. 75ml Tregothnan Red Berry Tea
  4. Rose petal and raspberry ice cubes

Brewing Instructions

  1. Mix the Tregothnan Red Berry Tea and the Pimm’s in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Strain and pour into high fluted champagne glasses
  3. Top up with sparkling wine.

Serving Instructions

Serves 1

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