The Future Of Tea

The Future of Tea

When Tregothnan first ‘put the English into English tea’ there was tremendous excitement around the world and our first tasting in London was broadcast by CNN, BBC, NHK and many other media organisations. The future for the most British tea in history is even more exciting.

We have led the trend to luxury tea and redefined the tea experience for guests in first class travel around the world. Bespoke blends have been created for leading private houses and palaces and iconic locations such as St Pauls Cathedral. Indulge in a Tregothnan tea at the top premiere lounges around the world including Virgin Atlantic and Eurostar Business Premier. Increasingly the best hotels of the world differentiate their service by creating a superior guest experience with Tregothnan tea.


Tea on the high street has been eclipsed by coffee in recent decades but tea has a stellar future and could even outshine coffee when the perfect format is created. Already we are seeing tea houses opening across the USA and Canada. German tea drinkers spend more per person than the British, all confirming a trend to premium teas and an appreciation of the healthy and delicious range now available.


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