Kent, Mereworth Woodlands

Tregothnan’s Kent estate sits in the heart of the Garden of England where the landscape and climate can be quite different from that of Cornwall, although no less awe-inspiring. The jewel in the crown of the Kent estate is the Mereworth Woodland – an expanse of ancient woodland which boasts a natural diversity of plant and animal life. The area is carefully coppice managed by the experienced woodland team, led by the Head Wood Reeve, whose family have been working these woodlands since the early 1900s.

Our responsible forestry practices have generated precious biodiversity within the woodlands. Rare species of flora and fauna have been allowed to evolve in their natural habitat. Nightjars, a nocturnal species of British bird, can often be spotted here.

The wealth of hardwood trees including ash, oak, beech and birch, provide a plentiful supply of sustainable raw material all year round for our firewood and charcoal products. The beautifully seasoned hardwood provides a superior supply of firewood logs and kindling.

Our burgeoning charcoal production outfit is now the country’s leading source of English barbecue charcoal. This sustainable fuel has a time-honoured place in history with its heritage dating back to the Medieval period. Remains of iron forges where charcoal was essential for creating the intense heat necessary for smelting can still be found here at Mereworth woodlands.

The remaining area of woodland is laid to chestnut coppice providing a popular answer to sustainable fencing materials.

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