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Kick start your career with our apprenticeship opportunities at Tregothnan! An apprenticeship role gives you hands-on experience and the opportunity to gain qualifications while you work. We are currently looking for three new apprentices to join our team at Tregothnan: 


Marketing Apprentice

A vibrant and passionate individual who can work alongside Bella to provide support through social media campaigns, writing press releases, website maintenance, photography and suggesting ideas for and creating marketing materials.

Click here to apply through the Truro and Penwith College scheme


IT Apprentice

An enthusiastic individual to work within IT to support the day to day functions of the organisation and also implement key projects (digital mapping, digitisation of documents etc.).  Understanding of the network of the organisation and the software and to be available for assistance across uses in Microsoft and Apple programming for the organisation’s teams.

Click here to apply through the Truro and Penwith College scheme



There is an exciting opportunity for the right person to volunteer in the immense garden at Tregothnan. If you are looking to extend your knowledge and enhance your CV then get in touch today. A wonderful cottage may be available to rent within walking distance but own transport will be required for shopping and socialising. Please identify any skills or experience you wish to bring to Tregothnan or areas you may wish to gain experience in and likely duration of stay. Local residents also sometimes join our occasional volunteers. Email Neil here.


Business Opportunities

Charcoal contractors – UK based, franchised/licensed operations

We are looking for charcoal producers based across the UK to supply us with or contract manufacture English charcoal under licence from the Tregothnan Estate. Purchase orders for 150 tonne per annum can be offered to enable initial business start-up. Expertise and advice can be provided to licensees to help ensure quality and consistency of charcoal burn. Expertise and advice can be provided to install charcoal kilns and retorts. Pre-requisite and requirement to use FSC certified timber in line with Tregothnan Estate. Purchase orders can be used to help secure finance. Please click here to email us.

Tea and herbal tisane growers – internal, estate tenants only

The Tregothnan Estate is looking for tenants to grow a range of herbs under contract and licence. This is an opportunity to grow tea on Tregothnan land for the Tregothnan brand of teas. Tea is rapidly expanding and increasingly specialist teas are being cultivated on Tregothnan lands, mainly in Cornwall and Kent in the UK. If you could manage a crop of one of our tisanes on Tregothnan land then please get in touch. Small or large areas of crop will be considered and support with processing and drying will be provided. Applicants with specific crop knowledge are particularly welcome. Contract growing of crops such as chocolate mint & pineapple mint may be considered.Please click here to email us.

Flower growers – Cornwall based
Tregothnan is looking for local farmers, tenants or otherwise, to grow a range of flowers for our fabulously British bouquets. Contracts and licences by agreement. Please click here to email us.