Living Estate

The concept of a living country estate may be one that some people believe has already been consigned to the history books. Tregothnan is living and breathing proof that the working estate is as relevant today as in our past.

Tregothnan is a place where generations of families have lived and worked the land. Our tenant farmers offer some of the finest and most diverse produce in Cornwall and Kent and we make full use of this in our Tregothnan product range. Our English charcoal, tea, Manuka honey, flowers, and Kea Plums are all on Tregothnan land and come together to create one delicious final result.

The living estate is a place where traditional skills and craftsmanship survive and thrive; the same joinery team that maintains Tregothnan House also crafts our gates, fences and garden furniture, whilst the horticultural skills gleaned from generations of gardeners inspire our range of seasonal British flower bouquets. Perhaps most importantly everything we do and create bears sustainability in mind; after all, Tregothnan has been a working estate since 1334, and we have plans for the next 700 years…

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