1334Tregothnan becomes home to today's family

The Boscawens move to Tregothnan at the centre of Cornwall from the western part of the estate near lands’ end.

1350The Black Death

The Black Death swept through Cornwall; most rural estate areas were spared but friends and relatives in Bodmin were badly hit. Following the Black Death forestry became increasingly important for construction and fuel.

1473The Siege of St Michael's Mount

20th September - the siege of St Michael's Mount could be seen from Tregothnan farmland west of Penzance.

1646Civil War

The end of civil war in England was agreed at Tresillian Bridge. Soon afterwards rare plums were established at Tregothnan Kea.

1695Rare Plant Collections

Celia Fiennes visited Tregothnan Garden and wrote about the planting style and collection of species. Asparagus harvesting continued on Asparagus Island in the western part of Tregothnan.

1759Battle of Lagos

Admiral Boscawen helped make this an Annus Mirabilis for the UK with a decisive victory in the Battle of Lagos shortly after sailing HMS Namur to victory in the Siege of Louisburg.

1800Ornamental Camellias

The very first outdoor ornamental Camellias were introduced into the garden at Tregothnan to begin their cultivation in the UK.

1880Manuka Cultivation

Manuka bushes were brought over from New Zealand to Cornwall and onwards to global cultivation for ornamental purposes.

1963Lost in Transit

Magnolias were planted by the bowling green in Tregothnan's vast botanic garden and the rare Magnolia Doltsopa was rescued from Exeter station after getting lost.

1999A Home on British Soil

The Garden exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Shows after a long break. The first ever British tea gardens were established at Tregothnan.

2005Tea Production in the UK

The first truly 'English Tea' was sold in the UK, making it the most British tea in history. HRH Prince Philip tours the plantations and plants a tea bush at Tregothnan in 2013.

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