A Tin of out Special Roddas Afternoon Cream Tea made in Collaboration with Rodda's.

A cream tea collaboration like no other

Tregothnan and Rodda’s have partnered to create delicious new tea blend, ‘Cornish Afternoon Tea’, matched perfectly for a classic cream tea. Rodda’s ‘Cornish Afternoon Tea’ is a limited-edition fusion of afternoon tea with a delicate hint of jasmine, created by the blending masters at Tregothnan in partnership with Nicholas Rodda, the fifth generation of the Rodda family, and his team. The blend is noted as a traditional afternoon tea, with a light and refreshing taste.

A Tin of out Special Roddas Afternoon Cream Tea made in Collaboration with Rodda's.


The flavour profile has been designed to perfectly balance the different components of a classic cream tea: crumbly scone, fruity jam, and of course the velvety texture of Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream. Both Rodda’s and Tregothnan are rooted in Cornwall and its traditions. Rodda’s was founded in 1890 by Eliza Jane Rodda; Eliza’s great-great-grandson Nicholas Rodda is the current managing director and the fifth generation to work in the business (with his son’s set to follow in his footsteps). Tregothnan is home to the Boscawen family, with a history dating back to 1334. During the past 15 years the estate has been growing and producing its own tea and botanical infusions.

This is the first collaboration between the two companies, resulting in a totally Cornish cream tea, tea! Nicholas Rodda, MD and Keeper of the Cream comments: ‘As a proud Cornishman, I am still humbled to think that we craft one of Cornwall’s greatest
delicacies – sumptuous clotted cream. One reason for our success, I believe, is that we’ve remained true to our roots and original recipe developed by my great great grandmother: Our clotted cream is gently baked the way it always has been, using the very best quality Cornish milk from local farms. So, what could be better than to combine the wonderful family heritage of Rodda’s and the quality of the Tregothnan tea to make the ‘cream tea’, which is truly Cornish and memorable.’

Tregothnan Tea has rapidly become a favourite among discerning tea lovers – the world’s first true British tea, nicknamed the ‘new Darjeeling’. The tea plantations grow on hundreds of acres of Tregothnan land, some parts dating back to Plantagenet times. The leaves are hand plucked at dawn to make the tea. Inspiration is drawn from the magnificent botanical garden, the largest in Cornwall, where hundreds of rare plants and shrubs enjoy a balmy microclimate.

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