Green Tea – 500g Loose

500g Loose Tea

Our Green Tea ticks all the boxes – it is rich in health benefits as well as having an incredible flavour. Our tea grows in inimitable conditions and is from the same type of bushes as those from which Green Tea was first discovered in China. The process of creating black teas varies here, as oxidisation is replaced by steaming so the fresh leaves retain their natural green colour.

Great British Tea – 500g Loose

500g Loose Tea

Designed for Downing Street by Tregothnan celebrates the fact that tea cuts across all sections of community and is almost in our veins. Tea just about defines what makes us British – why not try it for yourself today?

Earl Grey Tea – 500g Loose

500g Loose Tea

Tregothnan’s Earl Grey Tea is simply infused with pure, natural Bergamot oil – it is both invigorating and uplifting, yet subtle and sophisticated. 200 years after Prime Minister Earl Grey enjoyed this wonderful blend, his direct descendant (Lord Falmouth is the eighth great grandson of Sir Charles Grey) has created the ultimate tribute. US tea blogger Geoffrey Norman recently raved about our “perfect Earl Grey,” which he described as “the most British Earl Grey. Ever.”

Classic Tea – 500g Loose

500g Loose Tea

The first ever tea produced on British soil, our Classic Tea is our longest-serving and best-loved tea blend. It was first harvested from our tea gardens in Cornwall in 2005. A quintessentially English tea recipe, our Classic Tea is blended with premium Assam leaves to give it the bold flavour synonymous with a strong, classic english tea.

Afternoon Tea – 500g Loose

500g Loose Tea

Quintessentially British Afternoon Tea with a delicately refreshing taste with invigorating citrus undertones. We think Afternoon Tea is best savoured around 3pm (with a Cornish cream tea, of course!) – but it is equally as delicious at any time of the day.

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