Chamomile tea production booms in the ‘mini Med’ heat

The heatwave in Britain has created a mini Mediterranean in the UK . Plants like our chamomile fields have been thriving in the heat and Tregothnan is now the only serious commercial Chamomile tea grower outside the Mediterranean region.

With the arrival of a brand new tea harvester from the Adriatic coast, the hard work that goes into chamomile tea production has only just begun. The special machine gently pulls the chamomile stems and collects the heads and some of the flavoursome stalks. Tregothnan’s tea team will be working long hours to harvest the bumper crop and collect the precious flowers when they are at their sweetest.

Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine free and packed with other health benefits including containing a mild natural sedative to help induce a great night’s sleep. Herbal teas are the ‘hot topic’ with many people becoming more conscious about reducing the amounts of caffeine they ingest daily. Our herbal teas are a great alternative to black and green teas and even coffee, with a diverse range of health benefits and bold flavours – especially when cold brewed to suit our ‘new look’ British summer…

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