A Michelin star review from a Michelin star chef.

J Jones & Paul Ainsworth Plucking


A Michelin star review from a Michelin star chef.

“I’m sorry but I would have that any day over a cup of coffee, that is amazing.” – Paul Ainsworth, Michelin Star Chef.


Earlier this week we were delighted to welcome Michelin Star Chef, Paul Ainsworth to the Tregothnan Estate, on behalf of the BBC to film ‘Royal Recipes’, which is due to air later this year. This was perfect timing as this year has indeed been a Royal celebration for Tregothnan, with the development of a very special blend of tea. Earlier this year Tregothnan presented Prince Phillip with his very own single estate tea, created from the very tea bush he planted on our Estate in 2014! More recently Tregothnan were invited to serve our brilliantly British brew of Earl Grey to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall during a visit to Porthleven just a couple of weeks ago.

Paul began the day with a tour of our unique botanical gardens where he was joined by our MD of Trading Jonathon Jones. Jonathan and Paul spent the first part of the morning discussing how the micro climate we have here in our gardens has provided us with the perfect conditions for growing tea. Paul and Jonathan then spent the rest of the morning harvesting fresh tea leaves from our tea garden in the beautiful Himalayan Valley, including a Royal harvest from the very bush planted by Prince Phillip.

The afternoon was spent in our tea bar where Jonathan taught Paul everything he needs to know about processing and blending tea first hand, using the leaves they had picked that very morning. Jonathan’s knowledge and expertise was very well received by Paul who even went as far as calling Jonathan “the tea master”.

It was fair to say Paul thoroughly enjoyed his experience of our truly English tea, stating that “I would have that any day over a cup of coffee, that is amazing.”

The day ended, as every good day should over a cup of Tregothnan tea.



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