The Tregothnan Trumpet



The Tregothnan Trumpet

Tregothnan Trumpet Iced Tea British Red Berry Summer Time Drink.


The Tregothnan Trumpet Iced Tea drink is the perfect summer beverage for hot days. A simple Ice Tea recipe using Tregothnan Red Berry Tea, Pimms and Sparkling wine. The Tregothnan Trumpet makes up 1 of 5 iced tea recipes we have created here at Tregothnan. To create this brilliantly British summer time drink follow the instructions below. With the heat we have been experiencing across the UK this week there is no better time to try our brand new Iced Teas as an alternative to our regular teas. Created with our red berry infusion which includes strawberries and raspberries from our Kent estate, apples from our Cornish Orchards, English marigolds, and pretty blue cornflowers creating a wonderfully zingy mix of flavours that perfectly represent the taste of our British summertime.


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Tregothnan Trumpet Ingredients –

50 ml Pimms

150 ml sparkling wine

75 ml Tregothnan Red Berry Cooler

Rose petal and raspberry ice cubes


Red Berry Cooler Ingredients –

150ml Tregothnan Red Berry Infusion

50ml apple juice

3 raspberries

Sprig of mint

Club soda



Tregothnan Trumpet Instruction Card


Tregothnan Trumpet Iced Tea British Red Berry Tea Recipe Card


For the non-alcoholic version of the Tregothnan Trumpet follow the instructions bellow.


Tregothnan Trumpet Iced Tea British Red Berry Summer Time Drink