What can we do to tackle homelessness?

With the issue of combating homelessness frequently being featured in the media, we are beginning to question how we can contribute to tackling homelessness within the UK. With high house prices and it becoming increasingly difficult to rent, those that find themselves on the street struggle to maintain stable accommodation. This means that preventing homelessness is becoming harder. Homeless charities are working towards fighting homelessness by providing support that will aid in giving people the second chance they desperately need, alongside providing comforts to make life on the streets more bearable. These charities are combating homelessness by aiming to re-home individuals and secure employment for them, working towards not only tackling homelessness but preventing homelessness within the UK.

cornwall has biggest homelessness rate after london

One way we can work towards tackling homelessness is by supporting the charities who work towards not only combating homelessness, but preventing homelessness. However, with the increasing amount of hidden homeless people now recorded, it would be impossible to work towards combating homelessness without the volunteers that donate their time to the important cause of tackling homelessness in the UK.

Without these individuals, homeless charities wouldn’t be unable to offer the wide range of support currently available. No matter what your abilities or qualifications you could become a valuable asset to homeless charities working towards combating homelessness in your area. Volunteers at these charities work towards fighting homelessness in a variety of ways – by offering skills-based classes, accommodation, support or even just a friendly face. These inspiring individuals are combating homelessness on the front line and preventing the issue of homelessness from escalating.

homeless children cornwall

However, for those of us with less time to offer, the prospect of directly volunteering to tackle homelessness at a shelter isn’t feasible. There are many other ways you can help towards tackling homelessness within the UK. You can assist with combating homelessness by offering support in the form of donations. Your donations, no matter what you can afford to give, will help homeless charities work towards fighting homelessness. You can see the results of your donation by following the charity’s work or by speaking to a volunteer about their progress in combating homelessness in the UK.

Another way we can work towards tackling homelessness is by donating old clothing and other essentials like sleeping bags and blankets to homeless charities. By donating these items you can help to tackle homelessness and make life on the streets for people sleeping rough as comfortable as possible. In particular, women who find themselves on the street often struggle to source clothing from homeless charities, as the majority of items donated are for men. By donating clean and warm clothes, you can help to combat homelessness, giving those who find themselves on the street some protection from the elements.

homeless charities struggling and need funding

Tackling homelessness is becoming an issue that is catching the eye of local businesses within affected areas. These local businesses are running fundraising events that can help not only in fighting homelessness, but in raising awareness for preventing homelessness for many people in the first place. You can help to tackle homelessness by attending, volunteering or donating to these fundraising events. Tregothnan’s open garden weekend event is a great example of this, with volunteers at the event hoping to raise a record amount of money over the weekend to help the cause of fighting homelessness. You can show your support by coming along on 22nd and 23rd April where the £10.00 cost of your entrance ticket will go directly towards tackling homelessness.

Check out our infographic, to see what effect our previous open garden weekends have had on tackling homelessness in the Cornwall and the UK so far.

Open Garden Infographic

Fighting homelessness in areas such as Cornwall, London and Bristol has become increasingly important as the number of people sleeping rough in these areas are steadily increasing. The issue of tackling and ultimately preventing homelessness has become a top priority for homeless charities who are constantly working towards combating homelessness. Cornwall is one of the poorest counties in the UK with one of the highest levels of homelessness. Tregothnan’s donation will help to make sure that the St. Petroc’s Society, a charity dedicated to fighting homelessness, will be able to continue the fight and stamp out homelessness in Cornwall altogether.

When it comes to tackling homelessness within the UK, every little helps. Whether you’re donating time, money or clothing, your support will have a direct impact on the lives who are dealing with homelessness on the streets every day. No matter how small the gesture, you can have a positive impact on the ability of these charities to aid in fighting homelessness within the UK. Your help towards tackling homelessness can provide people with the second chances that would otherwise have been impossible.