350 years ago today, an accidental spark from a baker’s oven set the city alight…

In the early hours of Sunday September 2 1666, a small fire started in a baker’s shop on Pudding Lane and spread rapidly across the city of London. The Great Fire raged until September 5, causing death and destruction and left around 100,000 people homeless.

Now, 350 years later, we are commemorating the event that changed the recognisable face of the city with St Paul’s Cathedral, which was largely destroyed in the blaze. Tregothnan has teamed up with St Paul’s to create a very special smoked tea, using wood sourced from trees over 350 years old to smoke the tea leaves from our plantations.

The tea is now being sold exclusively in the St Paul’s Cathedral gift shop, so if you are in London or heading there during September, make sure you stop off for your limited edition Tregothnan and St Paul’s Great Fire Tea!