Perfect with Tea – Margaret’s Recipe for Chocolate Brownies

For a dessert, Chocolate Brownies are lovely if slightly warmed and served with stewed raspberries and cream. The best cakes are made using duck eggs but ours haven’t started laying this year yet.  I think although ducks are supposed to love water and puddles, they are as unimpressed by the recent weather as we are!

Makes approx 12 Chocolate Brownies



75g (3oz) butter

75g (3oz) dark chocolate

225g (8oz) granulated sugar

1 tablespoon chocolate powder

2 large eggs

25g (1 oz ) ground almonds

75g (3 oz) self-raising flour

100g (4 oz) pecan nuts, crushed


Melt the butter and dark chocolate together in a bowl over gently simmering water.  Stir well. Add the sugar and chocolate powder and stir really well.  Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and mix into the chocolate mixture.  Fold in the ground almonds, flour and pecan nuts.  Pour into a greased 18 x 28 cm (7 x 11 inch) tin.

Bake in the centre of a preheated oven, 180 C/350 F (gas mark 4), for about 20 minutes.  The timing can vary so I suggest you test after 20 minutes.  The brownies should still be sticky in the middle when prodded with a skewer, but firm to the touch.

Cool slightly and cut in squares.