The Mayflower Project

The Harwich Mayflower Project was initiated as a Charity in 2010 in order to build a replica of the iconic Pilgrim Ship in her original home port of Harwich, Essex. Our US subsiduary was established in 2011 and interest from the other side of the Atlantic is already strong. The Project effort is already concentrated upon providing young people with training in shipbuilding skills which will expand as the main shipbuilding process expands. The Project has procured about 70 oak trees which have already been partly processed to provide vessel components. It is anticipated that the completed vessel will require about 350 oak trees for the hull and 7 major Douglas firs for masts.


Most of the oak already acquired has originated in East Anglia but because of the major shipbuilding there for the Royal and Merchant Navies in the 16-18th centuries, the forests are relatively depleted versus the West of England. Accordingly, the Project decided some time ago that sourcing the oak from further afield was a sensible commercial prospect and with support from Tregothnan this process is being completed in an environmentally sustainable manner. The first 2 loads of wood will be shipped to Harwich in the next couple of weeks and we expect that these will be followed by as many as another 20 loads over the rest of 2013; this will provide the main part of the vessel’s hull.

The Mayflower will be floated at the end of 2015 and will sail for America on her maiden voyage at the end of 2016. However, the 400th anniversary of the original voyage will be in 2020 and we expect very high levels of enthusiasm for the re-enactment voyage. More information can be found here.